James Torlakson


Art Publication References

NALU Longboard Surfing Discovery #192000: An 8 page interview in this Japanese magazine explores the artwork and life views of artist/surfer, James Torlakson; includes many photographs of Torlakson's studio, and his oil paintings, watercolors, graphics, and cartoons.

THE MANY FACETS OF THE ART OF SAMSON LAW 1998: Preface by James Torlakson for a book published by the Government of Macau.

ART WEEK 1997: Article (and reproduction of painting) by James Torlakson on “Painting Water” relating to the publication's theme: The Elements of Water.

THE SURFER'S JOURNAL 1993: Volume Two, Number Four, Page 20; reproductions of MAVERICK'S/CLARK, 18" x 56" oil on canvas (big wave surfing image) and photo of artist with canvas.

THE ARTIST'S MAGAZINE, April 1989: “Deepening the Third Dimension” by James Torlakson with Judith Gordon; pages 50 -55; Article on oil painting and illusionary devices, numerous reproductions of paintings and instructional illustrations.

AMERICAN REALISM, Twentieth-Century Drawings and Watercolors 1986: Abrams; by Alvin Martin; pages 161, 225; figure 211: watercolor reproduction.

MENDELOWITZ'S GUIDE TO DRAWING, 1982: Holt, Rinehart and Winston; revised by Duane A. Wakeham; page 13, figure 20: drawing reproduction.

CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN REALISM since 1960, 1981: New York Graphics Society; by Frank H. Goodyear, Jr.; pages 153, 200, 201; figure 119: watercolor reproduction.

ARTnews, October 1975: by Peter Frank; Review of solo exhibition with Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York and watercolor reproduction







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