Truth Trust Symbol


I have designed the Truth Trust Symbol in response to my twenty-one year old daughter’s (Elizabeth Torlakson) SSRI antidepressant induced suicide. I know the pain of the cruel and senseless loss of a loved one. I know the feelings of frustration and helpless which accompany such a loss. I know, if we work together, we are not truly helpless. Let us unite.


What is it?


The Truth Trust Symbol represents the need for truth and trust to be restored in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. What is needed is true openness and honesty on the parts of the pharmaceutical industry and the F.D.A., doctors, and patients.


There is a crisis in which the innocents lives of patients have been and are still being lost due to:

1) the suppression of vital information and proper doctor and patient education,

    and the reckless marketing on the part of the pharmaceutical industry

2) the ignorance, the lack of independent study and investigation, and the practice

    of giving “quick fix”, thoughtless prescriptions demonstrated by many doctors

3) the lack of consumer study regarding drugs and their side effects, the insistence

on pressuring doctors to prescribe popularly advertised drugs, and the ingestion

of drugs in a manner contrary to doctor’s instructions.


All parties involved share responsibility in our present crisis wherein patients are dying as a result of the drugs that were supposed to be helping them.


Untold thousands of unsuspecting patients have died or have been seriously harmed by side effects. Untold thousands of families and friends of these patients are experiencing heart wrenching emotional and economic hardships needlessly.


We, the survivors, need to unite and work toward healing and evoking vital change. We need to be able to recognize each other. We need unsuspecting citizens presently using dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and future consumers to know of this ongoing tragedy. We need to see how great in number we are and to embrace the power that we will possess when united. The display of the Truth Trust Symbol is a means for recognition whether worn as a lapel pin or displayed as a sign or flag.

At present, the majority of those affected grieve in solitude, feel helpless, and/or don’t even realize what killed their loved ones. We pass each other on the street or in grocery stores not knowing that we share in this ongoing tragedy. Our current anonymity prevents us from recognizing our collective potential to evoke needed change.


I ask you to wear and/or display this symbol (in a window of your home or business). We have seen the power and purpose in the display of various colored ribbons representing other causes. At present, many individuals and groups are working toward correcting the wrongs which have spawned this pharmaceutical nightmare. We all need to be aware of each other’s efforts and share thoughts and information. This unifying symbol will assist us.



The Design


We cannot trust without truth.

The circle represents the “Circle of Trust”, a symbol of wholeness and loving unity.

The Circle of Trust is presently severely cracked and fractured. (The crack in this

 design is modeled after the crack in the Liberty Bell).

“Let the Circle Not Be Broken” represents our responsibility to restore Truth and Trust.

 This will require full and honest disclosure and investigation. This will support

 unguarded and thorough knowledge regarding prescription drugs and their side

 effects, vital changes in law, and a climate wherein patients, doctors, and

 pharmaceutical companies have reason to trust and respect each other.

The Medical Staff (Caduceus/Hermes’ staff) represents doctors, therapists, medical

 institutions, medical systems (H.M.O.s, methods of practice, etc.).

The Universal Family Symbol represents patients, families, friends—all mankind.

The RX Mortar and Pestle represents pharmaceutical companies, drugs, medical

 researchers and scientists.

The Winged Star represents Spirit. I created this symbol to be interpreted on an

 individual basis and to be all inclusive. It could represent the spirit of humanity,

 the spirit of a lost loved one, God, an infinite intelligence—whatever you choose. It is intended to include all beliefs, all religions, all systems of thought—all people.

These assembled parts are the Truth Trust Symbol.


Again, your display of this symbol is a means of identifying the crisis, initiating conversation and awareness, bringing about the recognition of the great number of individuals affected, bringing hope, bringing power, and bringing about loving and humane change.


Thank you for your consideration of this symbol and cause,

James Torlakson, Elizabeth’s father


How do you get a Truth Trust lapel pin? 


contact James Torlakson via email:


description:       1 ½ “ cloissone lapel pin with military clutch, 5 colors of inlaid enamel on

            gold plated metal, 0.6 oz.


 lapel pins prices per unit:

1–49:               $5.00  (includes tax and shipping)

50–99:              $4.00  (includes tax and shipping)

            100 or more:     $3.00  (includes tax and shipping)


Make payment by check or money order to:

Torlakson Fine Art

433 Rockaway Beach Avenue

Pacifica, CA 94044


The costs cover manufacturing, shipping, and administration.


At this time, The Elizabeth Torlakson Foundation is not formally incorporated. The cost of these lapel pins are NOT tax deductible. Profits from the sale of the lapel pins will be put toward the formal establishment of The Elizabeth Torlakson Foundation or donated to existing foundations related to this cause.


You are welcome to visit, a memorial website, and, where images and writings about Elizabeth and the SSRI Antidepressant Crisis are available. is a most informative website that explores the SSRI antidepressant Crisis in detail.